As a UX designer, I have designed various types of demo products (web/iOS apps) for many industries.
I understand clients business flows immediately and design better workflows.

These are my skills as a UX designer.
Research: Competitive Analysis, User Research, Heuristic Evaluation
Define: Personas, Journey Maps, Mental Models, IA
Ideate: Wireframing, Prototyping
Test: Usability Test, A/B test, Card Sorting
Visual: UI, Logo, Style Guide
When I was a high school student, my interests were only in fashion and music. I had checked fashion collection magazines and youtube every day.
After I graduated from a high school, I started studying acoustic design. I learned how to create speakers, how people recognize sounds etc. But I had more interest in architecture, product/graphic design, and art. Since 3.11 earthquake and tsunami happened in Tohoku, Japan, I started having a strong interest in designing for problem-solving.
I started my career as a software engineer to get skills to create meaningful services. I enjoyed learning new things and making tools/services only with my computer. But I noticed that engineers' responsibility is to think how to make services. What I wanted to do was defining what services to make, so I decided to become a UX designer.
To become a UX designer, I chose an online bootcamp which requires the longest time and the most effort to finish. During taking the course, I traveled around Europe for some months and attended a summer school and visited many design museums. After coming back to Tokyo, I started working as a UX designer.
I want to be a UX designer/consultant to help clients from business design to interface design to create valuable solutions.
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