Project Overview
Fitted is a fitness app for busy users. This app is designed to help users stay fit by “fitting” exercise into daily routines, like your daily commute. For this project, I got project brief with a basic persona, design criteria, and partial branding guidelines. So I started out making a solid concept which works great for the persona and drawing wireframes. And finally, I created design deliverables to hand off developers.

Role: Lead UX/UI designer (Individual project)
Timeline: May 2018 - June 2018
Platform: Responsive web app
Design Process
I started out conceptualization by creating a mind map with keywords from project brief. Once I got ideas of the app concept from the mind map, I quickly created user flows and paper prototype and conducted user test with people who want to do exercises for their health but they don't have time. Then I pivot on my concept, user flows, and wireframes.
Fitted Tagline:
Do Small. Attain Big.

3 Key Concepts:
- Don’t wast small pockets of time. Do exercise.
- Maximize the exercise effect by focusing on your body part you are training.
- Make it as your habit.
After that, I started out creating wireframes in digital format. Firstly, I created mid-fi wireframes and then moodboards.
Moodboard expressing "Life Hack" (Intelligent, Efficient, Retro Futuristic)
Then I applied fonts, colors, images and icons to the mid-fi wireframes.
Design iteration (mid-fi => fonts => colors => imagery => refine)
After I got hi-fi wireframes for mobile, I created style guide to apply the design for desktop, and tablet.
Then, I created low-fi and hi-fi wireframes for desktop and tablet. 
hi-fi wireframes for several devices
Final Designs

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